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A User-Friendly KNIME Blog

Welcome to a user-friendly KNIME Blog series. KNIME Blogs are built for people who desire to automate data, interested in learning more about the analytics industry, & solve problems.

The squares below are called Nodes. KNIME uses nodes to help people automate simple and advanced analytics. The nodes below are also a series of blogs to help you learn. KNIME will help you automate!

KNIME Column Rename Node

KNIME Column Rename Node offers a quick and painless way to rename column headers in your analytics process. This Column Rename Node tutorial uses the data from the previous blog about KNIME File Reader Node. Becoming an analytics guru, you need to learn how to rename...

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KNIME File Reader Node

KNIME File Reader Node helps people automate opening different file types. In this lesson, we will discuss how we can use the File Reader Node to read an incoming file. Reading files with the File Reader Node is my personal preference when working with flat files,...

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KNIME Row Filter Node

KNIME Row Filter Node is WHERE you want to be when you want to FILTER... SQL jokes aside - this node helps you automate row level filters across a column of data. I want to ensure you understand how to use the row filter tool. Below, I will offer different...

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KNIME CSV Writer Node

The KNIME CSV Writer Node is an easy & free way to generate CSV files in an automated fashion! In less than 1 minute, you can automate writing a CSV and configure the output. The KNIME Analytics platform offers various ways to output or write your data to files....

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KNIME Table Creator Node

KNIME's Table Creator Node is a quick and easy method to generate an ad-hoc data input. Table creators are very powerful because it allows you to generate data that lives within your KNIME Analytics Platform workflow. A micro table or set of tables can be used in a...

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